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A healthy and active life, a dynamic goal of many. For this, strong bones and joints are required. Vital joints, cartilage, bones and connective tissues are of great importance to the aging world population. But also athletes and many other physically active people with an intense and busy life benefit from healthy joints, cartilage, bones and connective tissues. The Bones Vitalis products do help and do support this.

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Bones Vitalis BV is a nutritional supplement producer for joints, cartilage, bones, connective tissue. Physical independence and quality of life are the starting point in developing our products. Bones Vitalis is a Dutch company, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The Bones Vitalis products are developed from the view that physical independence leads to better quality of life. The body – a causal approach to the discomfort – is the central starting point, a healthy and active life the intended consequence.

The quality of the nutrients leads to a plenitude of publications in reputable medical journals. The health claims on our products have been scientifically demonstrated.

Physical independence – Health claims scientifically demonstrated – Quality of life

Admission numbers:

KAG – nr. 4333-0716-1112 (Bones Vitalis Bones & Cartilage)

KAG – nr. 433-0716-1113 (Bones Vitalis Joints)

KAG – nr. 4333-0517-0742 (www.bonesvitalis.com)

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